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  •   Convenience store success is achieved at the margins. With gas prices continually in flux, tobacco sales on the decline, card fees a persistent industry nuisance and new competition, the ability to attract new customers while retaining current customers is paramount. Foodservice is emerging as an answer to attracting new in-store customers and achieving higher margins, a direct response Learn More >

  • Network and discover the possibilities of optimizing your c-store by stopping by Petrosoft booth 303 of the Pacific Oil Conference on September 8 through the 10th in Los Angeles, California. Contact your Petrosoft representative for your free ticket to this event and your free opportunity to see retail technology at its best. Don’t be left Learn More >

  •   Strong sales and profits are the result of having the right product mix and level of inventory. Achieving this ideal mix requires having current and accurate inventory information. Manual processes not only take time, causing delays in producing current and accurate inventory information, but also increase the likelihood of errors. These delays and errors Learn More >

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C-Store Office's Back-Office Mobile Solutions: Interface on desktop, mobile and tablet

With C-Store Office as your back office software, your business will become more efficient, productive, and organized, which optimizes cash flow and increases profit margins. Automated fuel delivery ordering and scheduling together with precise margin management are delivered via PC or mobile devices to help our customers achieve outstanding business results. Our convenience store back office software delivers retail solutions to fit your growing needs in the retail petroleum market.

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Qwickserve Made-to-Order Kiosk System: Self-Service Terminal, Prep Station & Mobile App

Now your customers can order QSR items directly with an in-store touchscreen or right from their smart phone or tablet. Petrosoft is proud to introduce, Qwickserve, our innovative made-to-order food service software application.

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SmartPOS logo - Retail Point of Sale System Complete Solution

SmartPOS 800 Retail Point of Sale System Screen Header

Petrosoft’s newest product, the Smart POS, brings a fast, reliable, intelligent, and easy to use POS system designed to make your transaction process simple. This point of sale system utilizes the highest quality equipment to deliver a retail cash register that is unparalleled on the market. Created with high traffic in mind, this is the perfect register for gas stations, convenience stores, or retail. The perfect POS solution for any need.

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Fuel-Central Dispatching on Desktop

Petrosoft is reinventing the fuel distribution business with cloud-based technology that lets you schedule hundreds of loads weeks in advance, communicate electronically with oil companies and dealers, and maximize your truck and driver scheduling—all with no compromises in customer service! This revolutionary fuel management system is just one of the many products to help in the fuel management of your c-store brought to you by Petrosoft.

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As the leader in internet-based solutions for the retail petroleum marketplace, Petrosoft has placed great emphasis on forging alliances with other industry leaders. C-Store Office, Fuel-Central and i99 work with a variety of other technologies and platforms to ensure you fullest compatibility and usability in the industry. Click here to see Petrosoft's latest business and technological allies.