C-Store Tip: Reduce Shrinkage With Cycle Counts


Cycle counts can seem like a tedious task, but the benefits are quickly appreciated when inventory errors are found and corrected. This not only keeps back-office records accurate but also maintains stocked shelves with the right mix and level of inventory.

Read How to Use Cycle Counts to Discover Errors and Decrease Shrinkage.

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Petrosoft Solutions

C-Store Office is a back-office software solution that provides powerful and cost-effective solutions to manage all aspects of your business and to:

  • Cut labor costs
  • Improve total margins
  • Reduce overstocking and shrinkage
  • Stay connected to your business with the CSO Mobile App

Fuel-Central is an internet-based fuel distribution system. Fuel-Central completely automates the fuel distribution process to:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Boost driver productivity
  • Utilize trucks more efficiently
  • Exceed your customers’ expectations

DirectConnect is the reliable, fast and secure way for retailers to connect their POS and ATG systems to their back-office systems without the need for a computer. Reduce ATG and POS data transfer vulnerabilities and overall data transfer time by as much as 37%, transferring all the data from a shift report in under 40 seconds.

SmartPOS delivers high-speed point-of-sale performance in a reliable and easy-to-use system.

  • Designed for high-volume retailers
  • Responsive touch screen
  • Easy to learn and operate
  • All-in-one design

Qwickserve allows your customers to directly order QSR items using an in-store touchscreen or their smart phone/tablet.

  • Real-time reporting keeps order data accurate and reconciles inventory
  • Customization: match the look and feel of your brand
  • Easy and convenient for customers on the go

About Petrosoft

Founded in 2002, Petrosoft is a leader in cloud-based retail solutions with innovative tools, services and training that enable retail operators and managers to track sales and profits from any internet-connected device. The company provides a seamless interface from the point of sale (cash registers) to retail-back office systems and popular financial tools. The solutions offered by Petrosoft can increase retail store automation, productivity and margins. Petrosoft maintains its headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA. The company also maintains a global network of technical development and support resources, dedicated to continually improving Petrosoft products and services. Find out more at http://www.petrosoftinc.com.