Accounting Integration

“What I like best about C-Store Office is that Petrosoft keeps updating it based on their knowledge of the market. They own their own stores and use that retail experience to keep adding fresh new applications and reports to the site to help keep our business up to date. They also integrate directly to QuickBooks, which really helps us streamline our accounting.”

Sajir Haribal, The Market, El Paso, TX

C-Store Office integrates with small business and enterprise (ERP) accounting software packages while also providing an accounting package to keep your accounting department running efficiently. Your accountant can manage the general ledger, payables and receivables from within C-Store Office or chose to send data directly to their accounting software package.

Data is available to your accountants as soon as the shift report is approved. Since c-store office is a cloud-based solution, accountants can securely access store and enterprise data from any internet-connected device.

The Accounting module generates over twenty standard reports for:

  • Profit and loss (P&L) statements
  • Cash reconciliations
  • Income and expense consolidation
  • State and local tax reporting

QuickBooks® Integration Benefits:

Reduce Manual Entries, Adjustments and Reconciliations

  • Reduce data entry time
  • Reduce data entry errors
  • Reduce data entry adjustments
  • Reduce financial and tax reporting time lags