Reports and Alerts

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Business Intelligence – Not Just Business Data

C-Store Office is an internet-based back-office software system for convenience stores, gas stations, service stations and other retailers that provides total control over your inventory, personnel, pricing and margins, helping to improve operations and your bottom line. C-Store Office delivers more than 200 reports on all aspects of your operation for every shift.


Tracking convenience store performance can be difficult and time-consuming. C-Store Office allows you to set operational parameters for each store, alerting you to problems from your C-Store Office home page. This enables retailers to react quickly, efficiently solving your operational problems.

Parameters can be set to monitor sales, profit, inventory levels, purchases and to check that data entry is being done promptly at each location. The Alerts Wizard, located on the Corporate-Level C-Store Office home page, allows you to set red flags to alert you of parameters that have fallen out of a set range.

C-Store Office gives you timely, accurate data and the tools you need to make full use of your data fast!


C-Store Office delivers over 200 different reports on all aspects of your operation and for every shift. C-Store Office not only reports data but also provides retailers with deep business knowledge about their enterprise that can be used to improve operations and maximize profits. C-Store Office Reports integrate all the various data sources of a company and synchronizes all components of a complex operation with consistent, reliable business information.


Managing Inventory Effectively

C-Store Office provides you the business intelligence you need to make your inventory work more efficiently for you. Maximize inventory turns and minimize your inventory investment with reports that analyze sales and purchases, which can help you fine tune your inventory mix and determine optimal inventory levels.

Optimize Fuel Inventory and Purchases

Manage your fuel purchasing schedule more efficiently with accurate up-to-date information on fuel inventory and margins that will enable you to time delivery schedules and maintain precise knowledge about your fuel margins at all of your locations.

Gain deep knowledge of store operations

No matter how many stores are part of your business or how large your workforce, you can gain detailed knowledge about the operations of every store and shift. Minimize shrinkage and spot problems quickly with C-Store Office reporting software tools, which help focus on irregularities quickly with actionable information to avert problems as they happen.

Streamline Accounting and Improve Financial Accuracy

C-Store Office provides accurate and timely financial information in formats that are easy to use. C-Store Office will integrate with your existing accounting package seamlessly, eliminating the potential for human error and providing accurate and timely financial statements.

Maximize Your Personnel Investment

Maximize the time and efficiency of your workforce with C-Store Office by reducing the paperwork and manual tasks of corporate and store employees. Managers can utilize the reporting tools of C-Store Office to make timely decisions that will reduce waste and increase the margins for each location. C-Store Office provides more than just data, delivering an abundance of business intelligence to maximize the profitability of the enterprise.

C-Store Office Fuel Management Software for Business Intelligence

The fuel management software module allows you to manage your fuel purchasing schedule more efficiently with accurate up-to-date information on fuel inventory and margins. C-Store Office will help you better the timing of your delivery schedules to take advantage of pricing fluctuations and economically manage the inventory in your tanks. C-Store Office fuel management software also integrates with automatic tank gauges to precisely record inventory and provide knowledge about your fuel margins at all of your locations. You will also get detailed sales reports by grade and fuel product type for every shift, view loyalty program calculations, closing inventory readings and even automated SR reporting.

Start your subscription today for $239 per month, per store, or request more information.

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