Connecting is Easy!

Building Confidence

“Thank all of you for doing such a fine job of getting our all of our stores installed this week. Rick came here with a great attitude and worked real hard on building our confidence up to a level where we are more comfortable in moving forward. We know as time goes on it will get easier the more we work with it. And poor Joe, I will continue to apologize to him and I do appreciate all the hard work he has been doing with the crazy price book. With his continued support, I believe I will soon start to see a light at the end of that tunnel.”

Karen Anderson, Elite Oil

Implementation Choices

Customers can elect to implement the solution themselves, work with a Petrosoft technician remotely or pay a Petrosoft technician to travel to your store’s location.

We even have a rapid deployment team that can get your company and chain of stores up and running within days.

To implement the back-office system, an internet connection is needed along with a recommended Direct Connect router. Petrosoft recommends a broadband connection, preferably cable or DSL. In addition, the installation kit includes a standard RS 232 cable and adapter for your cash register system.

The detailed manuals from Petrosoft guide the user through a simple, step-by-step 15 minute process that will connect C-Store Office to your POS system – SmartPOS, Verifone Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire, Bulloch, Gilbarco Passport or Wayne Nucleus.

The Easy and Secure Connection with DC-301

Petrosoft Secure Data Interchange