Retail Price Book

Price Book Setup is Fast and Easy

Have you ever scanned your inventory or maintained a price book before? Whether you are starting out or a seasoned retail operations manager, C-Store Office helps you create or transition your inventory data to a platform that can grow with your business.

  • Customize your price book for specific inventory items and pricing
  • Scan in current inventory with a hand held device, populate a list of items from your EDI supplier and pull items from our global price book software
  • Keep your pricing data up-to-date by automatically updating your price book with supplier invoice data

By integrating this data, even inexperienced users can build and maintain a price book quickly and efficiently. The Petrosoft price book wizard makes this operational task quick and easy.

C-Store Office Keeps Your Pricing Up-to-Date Automatically

C-Store Office keeps your price book and registers up-to-date with powerful features while ensuring that you maintain complete control.

  • Setup price changes and promotions in advance for any given period
  • Remove old items from the cash registers automatically
  • Update cost and retail changes as needed from EDI invoice data
  • Use cost exception reports to spot variances from your negotiated cost

A Price Book That You Control

  • Set up, add, edit, delete or move items between departments and categories
  • Manage pricing by price group, custom group, price zone, store, location or division
  • Create custom tags, grouping items the way you want and creating tags such as “counter display” or “cooler #1″ so you can create reports that reflect your customer groups
  • Set up your own promotions and buydowns easily and quickly using Petrosoft promotions features