How Does C-Store Office Work?


C-Store Office back-office retail software uses the internet to centralize your data and provides reports from any internet-connected device. Your data is secure and password-protected on a Petrosoft hosted server, which means you do not have to invest in servers or IT staff to maintain those servers. With C-Store Office, your business can run faster and more profitably.

  • No initial investment needed with no money down and virtually no implementation costs
  • Access over 200 business reports anytime from anywhere, or have them sent by fax or text message
  • No maintenance costs are required
  • Minimal hardware is required
  • Training time and costs are reduced with online training, easy-to-understand terminology and a user interface

Centralized C-Store Office software gives you the information you need to make the right decisions in real time by:

  • Providing one version of the truth with a centralized database that allows reporting consistency, comparison and trending reports
  • Improving visibility of store operations from the in-store and headquarters perspective with all the data you need to monitor the operations of 2, 20, or 200 stores
  • Improving operation-wide communications and knowledge sharing with the C-Store Office platform functioning as your business intranet, allowing you and your managers to instantly share business information with secure internet connections

Whether you are a seasoned retail operator or just starting a convenience store, gas station or other retail operation, C-Store Office can help you improve your operations and profitability!