Inventory Management


“We thought we had a good handle on our inventory before C-Store Office but now, with a uniform price book, we can keep our pricing consistent across all of our stores and cash registers. C-Store Office also helps us manage our promotions and orders since we can track and manage our inventory from anywhere. It improved our shrink rate by 75% by the end of the first year and by an additional 50% in 2014. All I can say is that it really works!”

Leslie Smith, Director of Operations, Fisher Stores, Inc., New Bern, NC

C-Store Office customers reduce inventory levels up to 50%.

On average, C-Store Office customers experience a 4% increase in Gross Profit Margin.

On average, C-Store Office customers see a reduction in shrinkage of 3% to less than 1% in only 90 days.

C-Store Office makes it easy to spot shrinkage as it happens so that you avoid large losses.

Take control of your inventory with C-Store Office’s inventory management features and forecasting tools. C-Store Office helps retailers and their employees maximize turns and slash inventory levels, improving inventory quality and weeding out dead and slow-moving items.

  • Find fast, average and slow moving items plus dead inventory with detailed inventory item reports
  • Identify overstocks and under stocks at inventory item-level
  • Use advanced inventory forecasting algorithms to increase the quality of store inventory, eliminating dead items and overstocks which lead to spoilage, breakage and theft
  • Use dozens of inventory reports to help determine optimal stocking levels, recalculate store inventory value and spot pricing problems quickly, identifying low margin items and your lowest cost suppliers

You can track each item by category, department, price group, promotion or by risk level such as high-risk items such as cigarettes and beer. C-Store Office also integrates with hand-held scanning devices making it easy to reconcile physical inventory and process deliveries at item level.

C-Store Office provides you with detailed shift reports that show every transaction on every register. You can view every void and no sale transaction for each shift and employee.