How Does C-Store Office Help Save Time and Money?

C-Store Office back office retail software provides the necessary tools so convenience stores, service stations and other retailers can increase their profitability and efficiency.

In-Store Personnel Costs

  1. Powerful c-store automation tools allow C-Store Office customers realize as much as a 75% reduction in the amount of time store managers have to spend on paperwork. Fuel and store sales data are automatically recorded at the end of each shift and collated into reports.
  2. Invoices from major suppliers are received and processed electronically.
  3. Automatic ordering also helps managers save time and manage inventory more efficiently.
  4. Back-office accounting is streamlined as P&L statements, inventory, cash reconciliation, promotions management and buydowns are all automated, too.
  5. The bottom line is that store managers reduce the amount of time they spend in the office from an average of 20 hours per week down to about five hours per week.

Front Office Personnel Costs

  1. C-Store Office gas station software automates reporting to allow you to expand oversight and grow your business without having to grow the number of front office staff.
  2. C-Store office provides you with automated detailed fuel and store sales reports at the end of each shift.
  3. The reports show sales broken down by fuel grade and track cash and credit card sales separately.
  4. They are complete and available minutes after a shift ends, and they cannot be manipulated at the store, so you get accurate data immediately.
  5. Fuel sales reports, all other reports on store sales, purchases and inventory status are available to be viewed by shift, by store, or in consolidated roll-up reports that detail results for your entire business.