Single Retail Location

C-Store Office is a trusted back-office retail software solution that scales as you grow your business.

If you are concerned with your retail sales margins and have to track a large amount of inventory items, trust C-Store Office and its back-office reporting suite to help you take control of inventory, ordering and paperwork. This web-based solution was designed with the single retail store owner in mind and scales as your business grows. The hosted solution eliminates many IT costs while delivering the operational information you need from any internet-connected device.

What C-Store Office can help you accomplish:

  • Maximize your margins by increasing control over your P&L, fuel and store inventory, employee hours as well as lottery and fuel sales
  • Decrease the volume of your paperwork up to 75% so you can focus on growing your business
  • Optimize inventory levels with item-level inventory control
  • Track the sales cycle of each product to decrease shrinkage
  • Decrease training costs and time with a user-friendly interface and weekly online training

C-Store Office gives you big business power at a practical price for single-store businesses. Our system practically pays for itself, delivering far greater savings in staff expenses, inventory control, and time management.

What is included in your monthly subscription?

  • No software licensing costs
  • No expensive hardware to buy
  • Upgrades are FREE to all subscribers

Full Service – C-Store Office + Invoice Processing Services

Reduce paperwork and manual entries by singing up for Petrosoft’s Invoice Processing Services.