direct connect

A Secure Connection for the Retail Industry.

The newest generation of Direct Connect provides greater connectivity, flexibility, and usability. It provides retailers with secure, real-time access to store data and bidirectional data exchanges to keep pricing, inventory, and loss prevention analytics information up-to-date. With this solution, any approved updates from back-office systems can also be sent automatically to an individual POS or companywide POS systems.

The current generation of Direct Connect, the DC-301 and DC-501, provide the reliable, fast, and secure way to automatically connect, store, backup, and transfer video, foodservice, POS, and automatic tank gauging (ATG) data to back-office and analytics systems.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Faster deployment and implementation with remote installation and
  • Increase control over data with automatic collection and backup of
    foodservice, POS, video, and ATG data
  • Increase data integrity with bidirectional transfers of data between POS
    and back-office systems
  • Increase control over maintenance costs with remote troubleshooting and
    automated monitoring of POS and ATG systems
  • Increase control over maintenance costs with industrial-grade metal
    construction for durability
  • Increase control over complexity with a secure and single point of data
    collection and transfer with 256-bit encryption and a solid state drive

Both the DC-301 and DC-501 come equipped with back-up, Internet, ATG, POS, and serial ports to automatically collect, store, backup, and securely transfer sales data, price book changes, and inventory data to back-office systems via a VPN connection. Transaction and other data are also encrypted and backed-up for easy recovery should POS systems malfunction.. Request more information.

How DirectConnect creates a secure environment for ATG and POS data transfers.

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