data processing services

Never Process Another Invoice Again

Efficient data processing requires the right tools, technology, and staff. These tools can help to manage time and workflows, optimizing data input time, reducing errors, and distributing timely and accurate operational information across a division, company and/or supply chain.

With a full-service C-Store Office subscription, customers can save hours of paperwork while tracking costs and inventory at item-level. Petrosoft also enables store managers to be more efficient with their time with its EDI and industry data integration services.

How it Works

With data-entry services, paper invoices are scanned and/or uploaded by C-Store Office customers using the Docs Scanner feature. Once uploaded, the invoice line-item data is typed in by a Petrosoft data entry specialist and posted to the customer’s digital pending invoices folder. The retailer can then review and approve the pending invoices which automatically updates inventory and accounting records.
  • Reduce paperwork by 75%
  • Increase item-level accuracy
  • Reduce labor costs



Eliminate hours of paperwork, track costs, and view inventory at item-level to increase operational efficiencies. Find out more by contacting a Petrosoft sales representative.