fuel management software

Reinventing the fuel distribution business

Fuel-Central is a cloud-based fuel distribution management software solution that helps fuel dealers and wholesalers manage the day-to-day operations of downstream fuel distribution.  This end-to-end technology solution integrates suppliers, distributors, and dealers data into one secure virtual workspace.

Fuel-Central Manages:

  • Fuel inventory
  • Driver scheduling
  • Accounts receivables

This solution is designed to increase the accuracy and speed data entry, scheduling, billing, and collections while decreasing the risk of customers running dry, haul backs, and negative cash flow. By boosting productivity through automation, Fuel Central will not only cut down on time, but it will also cut down on labor and man-power needed.

Electronic ATG monitoring of Veeder-Root or Icon ATGs and cloud-based reporting allow you to make decisions based on accurate and current fuel supply data. Monitor customer inventory electronically in real time and project load time quantities up to two weeks in advance. Also, stay up to date with fuel inventory information and projections up to 30 days in advance with extreme accuracy.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Collect payments faster
  • Track price changes on commission agents
  • Access real-time fuel inventories
  • Access daily sales reports
  • Complete or split BOLs
  • Connects to a POS systems
  • Connects to ATG systems

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