qwickserve for qsr orders

The Qwickserve Advantage? Foodservice Simplified.

Convenience stores and quick-service restaurants find success by staying competitive, finding new revenue streams, and controlling margins. Pressure on margins can come from many sources including wage increases, employee turnover, gas price fluctuations, declining tobacco sales, and card fees. Technology helps by:

  • Automating order entry and processing
  • Simplifying the ordering process with self-service kiosks, clear preparation instructions, and order automation
  • Enabling high-margin foodservice programs to draw new in-store visits and order accuracy for return visits

New competition and opportunities are emerging as retail formats blur. In many cases, foodservice is emerging as the answer to attracting new customers, encouraging repeat visits, and achieving higher margins. Technology is enabling this transformation with self-service kiosks, online, and mobile ordering as well as seamless communication across the retail ecosystem.

Technology also helps meet the consumer’s demand for customized fresh and convenient meals by streamlining the ordering process which decreases training issues to record and prepare customized orders flawlessly within high employee turnover industries.

Greater productivity, higher customer satisfaction, and better margins. It’s all possible with Pertrosoft’s foodservice technology. Find out more by contacting a Petrosoft sales representative.

Key Components

  • Self-service kiosk with embedded reciept printer
  • Kitchen display unit (KDU)
  • Kitchen order receipt and label printers

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