Fuel-Central, Fuel Management Solutions by Petrosoft


Reinventing the Fuel Distribution Business

Fuel-Central is the premier cloud-based fuel distribution management software from Petrosoft. It allows for fuel distribution automation and fuel truck optimization. This in turn maximizes truck utilization, increases driver productivity and optimizes inventory.

With Fuel-Central You Can:

  • End time-consuming manual processes such as collecting accurate inventory/sales information, invoice creation and tracking tax calculations
  • Eliminate double entries, run-outs, haul backs, and other problems that waste time and money
  • Optimize scheduling  and site fuel inventory while minimizing downtime
  • Monitor customer inventory electronically in real time and project load time quantities with unprecedented accuracy for up to two weeks in advance
  • Deploy trucks and drivers for optimum productivity

Automation: Fuel Distribution Companies

As the hub of an electronic distribution network, Fuel-Central allows you to remain connected with all of your fuel distribution business partners. Stay connected to all major oil companies through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Your account information, including pricing, purchases and credit card information, is available online whenever you need it. Fuel-Central lets customers see their account information, including:

  • Delivery history
  • Pricing history
  • Invoices, statements and account status

Automation: Fuel Marketing (Jobber) Companies

Fuel-Central’s cloud-based architecture allows the petroleum marketer to connect with dealers and gather real-time information on their current fuel inventories. Electronic ATG monitoring of Veeder-Root or Icon ATGs and cloud-based reporting allow you to take the guess work out of scheduling decisions based on accurate and current fuel supply data.

  • Fuel-Central fuel dispatch software lets you plan resource allocation
  • Fuel-Central helps you optimize your delivery schedule
  • Fuel-Central eliminates run-outs and haul backs and helps you better manage deliveries to reduce the frequency of trips and driver “down” time
  • You will be better able to manage customers’ average inventory through more efficient scheduling

Summary of Key Features

  • Automate fuel supplier billing with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology
  • Automate the communication of electronic orders to Fuel-Central and your accounts receivable (AR) software
  • High-volume dynamic scheduling allows you to schedule hundreds of customer orders weeks in advance using up-to-date information
  • Easy access to customer pricing, credits and delivery histories for dispatchers
  • Easy access to invoices, statements and account status for customers
  • Automatically create forms such as invoices and statements
  • Integrate with ATGs, mid office, back office and accounting programs
  • Real-time rack pricing
  • Minimize the number of runs needed with efficient employee and delivery scheduling management