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On average, C-Store Office customers experience a 4% increase in Gross Profit Margin. C-Store Office helps you cut shrinkage at a price you can afford. Start your subscription today for $239 per month, per store. Find out more about internet-based solutions from Petrosoft.

C-Store Office® is the easy-to-use web-based back office system that was developed to meet the challenges of managing convenience stores and gas stations. Over a thousand locations rely on this technology to help optimize store and item level inventory, manage costs and set pricing for maximum fuel and store gross profit margins. This solution smoothly integrates store and supplier data and also integrates with most handheld devices, POS and ATG systems.

Convenience store and gas station operators can eliminate many manual processes and spreadsheets through the automation included in this solution and hundreds of reports. These reports have been used to maximize turns, eliminate dead inventory and reduce overstock.

Accountants can easily obtain the data they need through C-Store and its accounting software integration options that include QuickBooks by Intuit. The reporting drill-in feature can also provide the detail needed to reconcile line items.

“What I like best about C-Store Office is that Petrosoft keeps updating it based on their knowledge of the market. They own their own stores and use that retail experience to keep adding fresh new applications and reports to help keep our business up to date. They also integrate directly with QuickBooks which really helps us streamline our accounting.” – Sajir Haribal, The Market, El Paso, TX