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Now your customers can order QSR items directly with an in-store touchscreen or right from their smart phone or tablet. Petrosoft is proud to introduce, Qwickserve, our innovative made-to-order food service software application.

  • Track sales, manage work flow, and stay on top of your orders with ease
  • Create custom online menus that give your customers a complete branded experience
  • Edit your menu selections by time of day or season
  • Run a wide range of loyalty programs, create and run promotions, discount prices, and other meal options
  • Increase order efficiency and decrease error by printing out duplicate receipts for customers and your kitchen
  • Greatly reduce IT expenses through our complete, web-based service
  • Utilize inventory software to monitor what the kitchen needs

Qwickserve gives both you and the customer the flexibility desired when customizing orders.

  • Order and pay for a meals online or at in-store stations, perfect for customers on the go
  • Customers can use their phones to create Qwickserve™ accounts that feature a list of their favorite meals, set up their preferred payment options, and receive texts when their meals are ready for pick-up
  • Qwickserve™ provides printable nutritional information
  • With Qwickserve™, your business’ food services become more organized, accurate, and efficient, providing control every step of the way

Qwickserve is 100% compatible with C-Store Office, which keeps all data accurate and up-to-date including automated ingredient-method accounting to optimize inventory management. Let Petrosoft be your one-stop shop for complete QSR automation!