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Fuel Central

Fuel-Central is the premiere fuel distribution management software from Petrosoft. It allows for fuel distribution automation and fuel truck optimization which maximizes truck utilization, increases driver productivity, and optimizes inventory.  Fuel-Central maintains operations expense allowing you and your employees to focus on excellent customer service.

  • End time consuming manual processes such as collecting accurate inventory/sales information, invoice creation, and tracking tax calculations
  • Eliminate double entries, run-outs, haul backs, and other problems that waste time and money
  • Optimize scheduling  and site fuel inventory while minimizing downtime
  • Monitor customer inventory electronically in real time and project load time quantities with unprecedented accuracy for up to two weeks in advance
  • Deploy trucks and drivers for optimum productivity

Fuel-Central is the gas station software system that is reinventing the fuel distribution business by creating more profit for your business and better service for your customers.

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