Fuel Distribution

Fuel Central Account and Fuel Dispatching Interfaces

With Petrosoft’s solutions, Fuel Distributors/Jobbers can easily manage customer accounts, accounts receivables, fuel inventory and forecast fuel inventory from any internet-connected device. They can also take advantage of driver and fleet scheduling features.

The solutions are designed to enable fuel wholesalers, jobbers, or distributors to decrease time-consuming manual processes, eliminate haul backs as well as optimize driver and fleet scheduling for optimum productivity and returns.

Fuel Central is also a flexible solution which allows customers to order online or by telephone. They can also view their account histories online and see pricing, invoices and account status information by simply accessing the distributor’s Fuel-Central account.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Collect payments faster
  • Track price changes on commission agents
  • Access real-time fuel inventories
  • Access daily sales reports
  • Complete or split BOLs
  • Connects to the POS
  • Connects to ATGs