Video Journaling


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SmartPOS Video Journaling — Make the Best Use of Your Time While Reducing Your Risk

Connect your POS Data to your surveillance data and drill down into transactions by type including voids and refunds. Get the visual information you need to make important business decisions.

Video Journaling Features

  • Track and easily review important transactions by capturing video footage from up to four cameras within your store and automatically tie the video footage to your SmartPOS transaction data.
  • Quickly review transactions within a combined view from all cameras. Expand the camera view that provides the best angle of the transaction while keeping the remaining views minimized.
  • View the transaction data summary and details within the same combined view as subtitles and in the area below.
  • With the use of two timeline toolbars, you can quickly move back and forth through the video footage by increments of as little as 1 second.
  • Browse through all the important events in the journal. Bookmark events for fast and easy access. Save time by filtering the journal entries by employee, event types or bookmarked events. Use the existing presets or create your own.

Video: Video Journaling Features