Tableservice Restaurant Technology Solutions

Tableservice Restaurant


Tableservice (full-service) restaurants can take advantage of POS, ordering, and back-office technology to help increase sales as well as to reduce labor and food costs.

What influences family, casual, and fine dining restaurant sales? The NRA reports that having an easily accessible menu with the right items such as a consumer’s favorite food, new items, and items they can’t make at home is important but so is take-out and delivery options. In fact, 61 percent of adults said they would likely use delivery from a tableservice restaurant to their home or office and 54 percent would use curbside takeout.

Petrosoft solutions help family, casual, and fine dining restaurants to get their menu in the hands of potential diners and enables ordering, preparation, delivery, and cost management. Tableservice restaurants can also manage tables, tips, and tabs with the technology. These solutions help to create sales and cost-savings opportunities throughout the entire cycle of an order.

Kiosk/ordering stations are also popular in sit-down restaurants with 28 percent of adults having used this technology in 2015. These kiosks provide many of the same customization, ordering, and payment advantages as online ordering. These kiosks are also key in reducing labor costs in the front-of-the-house while integration with kitchen ordering management stations help to reduce back-of-the-house labor costs.

Petrosoft also offers a few additional features that are of importance to family, casual, and fine dining restaurants. These include a delivery driver management solution, coupon and promotions, a prep station for step-by-step order preparation instructions, and reports to track recipe costs and sales.

“46% of consumers say the availability of takeout or delivery options is an important factor to them when they choose a tableservice restaurant.” – NRA, 2016 Restaurant Industry Forecast

Although restaurants are gravitating toward technology to optimize their labor expenses, they are also feeling pressures from their customers with, according to the NRA, 23 percent selecting a tableservice restaurant based on the restaurant’s technology. Read below to discover a few key features and benefits.


  • Delivery management
  • Menu management
  • Inventory management
  • Nutritional Information
  • Online ordering
  • On-site kiosk ordering
  • Mobile ordering
  • Phone ordering
  • Split orders
  • Price management
  • Promotions & coupons
  • Shift management
  • Tab management
  • Table management
  • Tip management


  • Increased new on-site sales
  • Increased delivery sales
  • Increased takeout order sales
  • Increased preparation efficiency
  • Increased order accuracy
  • Increased speed of service
  • Increased driver efficiency
  • Increase restaurant labor efficiency

Discover Key Tableservice Restaurant Technology Solutions by Petrosoft.

Qwickserve is a foodservice made-to-order self-service kiosk for quick service and fast casual restaurants


The Qwickserve solution helps to streamline the customer order, payment and preparation workflow while also enabling tableservice restaurant owners to manage their menu and recipes while keeping track of orders and costs.

The Qwickserve Self-Service Ordering Kiosk is a software and hardware bundle that enables customers to view, select, customize and pay for menu items while also enabling tableservice restaurant owners to manage menus and keep track of customer orders, inventory, and recipe costs. This solution integrates with SmartPOS 100 and can be used as an embedded feature of SmartPOS 400 for delivery and takeout phone order placement. Find out more about other POS integration options by contacting a Petrosoft representative.

The Qwickserve Kitchen Prep Station streamlines the ordering process by placing orders received from the Qwickserve Kiosk in a queue, providing recipe preparation instructions and preparation time.

The Qwickserve Kitchen Printer provides the kitchen staff with a printed copy of the order.

The Qwickserve Online Ordering solution can help tableservice restaurants provide a fast, easy, and convenient way for their customers to order and pay for their food online, avoiding lines and reducing tension and human-error factor.

The Qwickserve Mobile Applications provide the customer with ordering and payment solutions while also enabling tableservice restaurant drivers and managers to manage the delivery workflow of mobile, online and phone orders.



SmartPOS 100 is a point-of-sale system by Petrosoft that integrates with Qwickserve. It was designed for the retailer whose primary concerns are transaction reliability and optimizing operational efficiency while remaining within budget. The all-in-one POS system includes an embedded receipt printer and customer display for transaction summaries and promotions. SmartPOS 100 is designed to integrate with back-office, accounting, loyalty and self-service kiosk solutions. For restaurants who want to offer selfservice ordering, the SmartPOS 100 and Qwickserve bundle is the ideal solution. This bundled solution also includes unlimited promotions, back-of-the-house order preparation technology, as well as profitability, inventory and menus management from a centralized location.

SmartPOS 400 is a restaurant POS system that provides an embedded Qwickserve ordering module for tableservice restaurants. It is a point-of-sale system designed to handle a peak traffic and enabling uninterrupted workflow. In addition to the features of SmartPOS 100, it offers dual cash drawer support, a high-throughput external receipt printer, video journaling module, integrated phone ordering automation system, delivery and driver management.


C-Store Office

C-Store Office is a cloud-based trusted back-office software solution that provides a virtual work space for recording, processing, tracking and forecasting inventory and sales. It provides the infrastructure, workflow and reporting needed to maximize margins and turns for merchandise and foodservice inventory. C-Store Office helps you stay on track of your ingredients with its convenient recipe costing reports. This solution can save reconciliation and travel time while also decreasing the IT costs. Stay connected to your tableservice restaurant business from any internet-connected device with C-Store Office and CSO Mobile.