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Petrosoft’s Advanced Analytics

With tight margins, volatile markets, and changing customer demands, retailers and wholesalers can’t rely on intuition alone to drive growth and adapt to change. They need data-guided insights. By looking across datasets, you can optimize product mix and inventory by season, market or segment in a few clicks. Zoom in to a period or market, compare individual stores or locations, or get the bigger picture across all your operations to create sustainable, profitable strategies. When conditions change, you’re ready with a data engine that handles vast amounts of information in real time with Petrosoft’s Advanced Analytics.

Cuts analysis time up to 90%

Segmentation and Cohort Analysis

Scenario and What if Analysis

Time-Series Analysis

Market basket Matrixes

Perform specialized specific data types (LOD)

Segmentation of data using Clustering

Disaggregation of data through an arbitrary window

Trending and forecasting

Logarithmic polynomial and exponential trending and forecasting

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Deeper Analysis that yields the keys to profitability

Petrosoft’s Advanced Analytics allows enterprises to understand their data more completely in real time and react to customer behaviors quickly with the right solutions to maximize profits.

Full in-store basket-level transaction data allows for complete store coverage and basket-level analyses such as cross-purchase correlations, basket size and seasonality (to know when to run or target offers)

There are 30+ reports and matrixes available with these basket reports, with the ability to figure out what day of the week customers are buying certain products, along with what other products, so that we can strategize accordingly and run promotions with maximum effectiveness

Deep analysis of non-UPC items such as foodservice, which are critical for retailer profitability

Data can be queried whether looking at one store in the country or comparing retail operations across 20 countries.

Build profitable bundles and measure the ROI on promotions and placement, not just sales of the items promoted, with basket-level insights, retailers and brands.

This granular, customized approach to basket-level data is the best way to analyze detailed customer behavior in real time vs. just plain historical sales data. This more rigorous analysis equates to bigger profits, making Advanced Analytics one of the most powerful tools that Petrosoft has to offer.