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5 Benefits of Cloud-Based C-Store Software

Dec 30, 2019
Reading time: 3 minutes

1. More Access to Your Data

With cloud-based c-store software, you can gain remote access to your business data from anywhere, at any time, on any internet-connected device. That means when you need to make business decisions on-the-go, monitor performance while you’re away, or pull up data after hours, you will have it readily available no matter the time or location. Cloud access allows you to check inventory, create purchase orders, view labor and time management functions, and more with ease.

An integrated mobile application takes data accessibility one step further, allowing retailers to stay connected to your store and run your business right from the palm of your hand.

2. Increased Speed and Efficiency

The added mobility that cloud-based c-store software provides makes increases in both speed and efficiency inevitable. Not only does it equip workers to provide better, faster service to your customers, but it reduces the amount of downtime you experience during updates. This gives you more time up, running, and serving the needs of your customers.

3. Streamlined Management

Owning and managing even just one c-store is a challenge in itself—a challenge that gets exponentially more difficult once you throw in additional locations. Cloud-based software allows you to easily streamline management across multiple locations.

With cloud-based c-store software, you can pull up data from one or all of your locations, compare and contrast sales figures and costs, and identify bottlenecks that may be putting a damper on your bottom line. You can view reports separately or consolidate data, all of which is available on-the-go via your mobile device.

4. Reduced Labor Costs

Without the need to be bogged down with tech updates and hard-to-use systems, cloud-based c-store software saves time. This software boasts an intuitive user interface that significantly speeds up transactions and routine tasks, freeing up your employees to help more customers.

Cloud-based software also allows for easier integrations when it comes to self-service technology like kiosks, which is great for c-store food sales. Customers can browse menus and make customized selections of made-to-order food on their own while your staff can focus on carrying out other processes and helping other customers. You can even leverage upselling prompts for increase revenue.

5. Employee Confidence

Another benefit cloud-based c-store software’s intuitive interface is the ease with which you can train employees. Flexible training options and easy-to-use systems make this software a must-have for your business.

Training time is cut down significantly and the software is easy for employees to navigate with confidence. This helps them process transactions, look up loyalty information, and access critical data to help answer any questions that your customers may have. By equipping your employees to work more efficiently, you can increase job satisfaction and reduce your turnover. 

Getting the Most out of Your Software

In the current retail climate, it’s not enough just to have a standard run-of-the-mill POS system—you need one that offers mobility, flexibility, and superior functionality tailored to suit the needs of c-store owners. Cloud-based c-store software not only improves operations, but sets you apart from the competition by equipping you to offer more customer conveniences, streamline your operations, and maximize your profits. Contact Petrosoft to learn more today.