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Secure Your Pumps With Private And Encrypted ATG Data Transfers

Feb 19, 2015
Reading time: 1 minute

CStoreOffice® provides customers with a private and secure virtual back-office workspace while DirectConnect provides a reliable, secure and fast way for retailers to connect and encrypt their ATG and POS data without the need for a computer.

Unlike computers, DirectConnect’s single purpose is to provide a secure connection so your encrypted data can be transferred between your retail systems and partners. This can reduce vulnerabilities and speed up data transfer time by as much as 37%, securely transferring all the data from a shift report in under 40 seconds.

DirectConnect comes equipped with data backup, four Ethernet connections and a serial port to automatically collect and encrypt sales data, price book changes as well as inventory data and then transfer it securely to your back-office system. Any approved administrative updates from your back-office system can also be sent automatically to your cash register. Shift reports are also encrypted and backed up on the DirectConnect unit so you can easily recover shift data should your POS system malfunction.

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