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Why take on the headache of an in-house hosted solution? Cloud solution providers can offer expertise and significant cost savings over an in-house hosted solution. It requires the retailer to have little to no IT knowledge to operate reliably and efficiently. What cost savings and IT expertise can a retailer expect? For software-as-a-service companies, such as Petrosoft, the subscription includes:

  • Subscription-based software with minimal capital expenditures
  • Automatic software updates
  • Reliable network hardware, architecture, and security
  • Data storage, backup management, and redundancy
  • Data security compliance
  • Reliable data access
  • Failover and/or load balancing management
  • IT support and system management
  • Low-risk deployments


Over the past 15 years, Petrosoft’s cloud solution has adapted to meet retailers’ needs by anticipating industry, economic, and regulatory changes. Currently, Petrosoft hosts, backs up, and manages the data for thousands of retail locations, safeguarding and distributing the data as required by the customer. Because of this technology, subscribers can conveniently access, enter, and manage information to make critical day-to-day operational decisions from anywhere in the world. The only requirement is an internet-connected device.

Petrosoft’s cloud-based and -connected approach leverages technology to automate, organize, and centralize foodservice, merchandise, and fuel information. It provides a hub to create, aggregate, investigate, validate, and distribute information internally and/or across the retail ecosystem. Examples include managing the administration of cash registers, POS, foodservice, loss prevention analytics, back-office, and fuel management systems. It also includes managing critical operations such as price book maintenance and distribution. With out-of-the-box and custom back-office integration, managing merchandise inventory, fuel inventory, ordering, and invoicing is made easy. Retail operations and IT staff can feel confident to take this approach.

From its headquarters in Pittsburgh, the company supports its POS, foodservice, fuel management, and back-office product lines as well as its integration with industry-leading technology partners. The company offers a full menu of services along with flexible training options such as on-site, classroom, online, and on-demand sessions.