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Isabelle Sperling

Isabelle comes to Petrosoft after having spent more than a decade in retail operations.
She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree and employed her International Business education in a career in managing loss prevention teams at both the store and regional levels. Isabelle created and launched national education, compliance and certification programs, that exceeded expected goals.

She enjoys being challenged to build effective training modules that take into account the tiny details while focusing on the big picture to arrive at best practices. This ensures she delivers the most comprehensive and reasonable programs for the customer.

Isabelle is skilled in multiple delivery methods, giving Petrosoft customers a variety of program techniques that work best for them.

Justin Shoup

After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in 2005, Justin entered the Saas environment where he built and applied exemplary leadership, training, and customer success management skills. During the past decade, he has built a strong reputation for developing and improving customer success metrics. Justin is most successful at engaging non-users, helping them understand the most complex concepts, through his content development and team training proficiencies. Justin’s forte is in training of Petrosoft clients in the areas of new features and best practices.

Mike McDavid

Mike is a 2005 graduate of the Pennsylvania State University.  He has been in the retail industry for over 10 years focusing his expertise in product training and customer service solutions.

Mike possesses an extensive background in management, leadership, communication, marketing, and product knowledge.  He is proficient at designing and developing training programs, curriculum, and materials.

At Petrosoft, Mike designs roll-out plans for new customers who come on board so that milestones are achieved.  He is an integral part of the Petrosoft training team as his key successes include preparing research on customer accounts to aid in training options, and assistance to customers in successfully utilizing C-Store Office’s full capabilities.

He teaches training classes online at Petrosoft’s on-site training facility and off-site at the customer’s store.  He is invested in assisting our customers with problem solving and business growth.