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Petrosoft is proud to be an exhibitor at NACS 2020 Crack the Code #CTCExperience Virtual Conference!
Visit our virtual showroom 24/7 from Nov. 2 - Dec. 4 to get the latest news, updates, and product information.

Welcome to Petrosoft’s Customer Bonus Program!

If you are a current CStoreOffice® customer and know someone who would love CStoreOffice®, please let us know!

When you refer a friend who purchases CStoreOffice® within 60 days, we will reward you with bonus credit toward your monthly CStoreOffice® subscription.

Total bonus amounts depend on the number of people you refer who purchase CStoreOffice®. The more people you refer, the more credits you will earn toward your CStoreOffice® subscription:

  • Credit amount for the first two referrals:
    • $250 credit for each referral*
  • Credit amount after the first two referrals:
    • $500 credit for each referral*

To refer a friend, complete the contact information for you and your friend and click the SUBMIT button. Simply repeat the process if you want to refer more than one person.

Tell Us About You:

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Tell Us About Your Referral:

* Your referral must purchase a CStoreOffice® subscription within 60 days of the date of your referral for you to receive credit. Petrosoft will apply the credit to your CStoreOffice® subscription at the time of your referral’s first CStoreOffice® payment. Credits can only be applied to existing CStoreOffice® subscriptions. If your credit exceeds your monthly subscription price, Petrosoft will apply your credit to the following month(s), and your regular monthly payment will resume after your credit is applied. Credits cannot be applied to hardware purchases or subscriptions for other services. Credits are not cash rewards and are nontransferable to other CStoreOffice® subscribers.