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Food Service Simplified

QwickServe® automates food service if you have one location, or many locations. You can accurately process food orders using customized menus, recipes, and ingredients. QwickServe®’s inventory and sales interface tracks your most popular menu items and predicts how much inventory you’ll need each week.

  • Automate customer orders and payments
  • Streamline order processing accuracy
  • Accurately track inventory and control pricing
  • Implement contactless ordering and curbside pickup
  • Integrate with your store POS
  • Boost gross profits by tracking of inventory, revenue, sales, profits, and more
Ordering Terminal or Mobile App
Order Manager / Kitchen Display
Customer’s Order

QwickServe® Ordering Terminal Application

Automate your food service orders to save time, increase accuracy, and boost profits:

  • Start for FREE
  • Works with a variety of Android™ tablets2
  • Build your first menu item in minutes
  • Create your entire menu within an hour
  • Quickly review orders and process payments
  • Generate sales reports via Google Analytics™
Available for Android™ Devices
How to install and use

2 Tablets and stands are not a part of QwickServe subscription, and should be purchased separately

QwickServe® Mobile App

Fast and convenient mobile ordering increases customer satisfaction:

  • Include your location listing in the mobile app
  • Customers order ahead and choose curbside pickup or in-store pick-up
  • Customize ordering options with toppings and condiments
  • Promote specialty menu items using built-in promos
  • And many more!

QwickServe® Order Manager Application

Save time with automated order processing using customized workflows:

  • Start for FREE
  • Works with a variety of Android™ tablets3
  • Quickly process orders – view multiple or individual orders
  • Monitor payment status
  • Track order status and notify customers when orders are ready
  • Provides complete visibility of all menu items and ingredients
Available for Android™ Devices
How to install and use

3 Tablets and stands are not a part of QwickServe subscription, and should be purchased separately. Android-compatible devices only.

Process On-Site Payments
Easily with Square™ Terminal Seamless Integration4

4 Any processing services are not a part of the QwickServe® solution and provided by third-party companies. Learn more about Square processing fees here

“Duck Thru has seen a 20% growth in their foodservice category since adding Petrosoft’s QwickServe solution.”

Jordan Harrell

Director of Food Service Technology,
Duck Thru Food Stores

Increase your profit margin, improve productivity, and ensure customer satisfaction – it’s all possible with QwickServe®

Ordering Terminal Application
Order Manager Application + Ordering Terminal Application
Quick & Easy Menu Builds
Print Customer Receipts and Kitchen Tickets6
Sales Reporting with Google Analytics™
Process Payments with Square™
Include Business Listing on QwickServe® Mobile App
Inventory - Ingredients / Add-Ons / Bases
Multiple Locations Menu Management
Employee Management
CStoreOffice® Integration

5 Available to new customers upon account activation. One per location.
6 Printers must be purchase separately.

“Food sales have increased by 15% since we have installed QwickServe®.”

Kristine Campbell, Kristyaks Korner

Discover key food service technology
solutions by Petrosoft

Ordering Terminal

The QwickServe® Self-Service Ordering Terminal includes a software and hardware bundle that enables customers to view, select, customize and pay for menu items. It also enables foodservice operators to build and manage menus, track customer orders, monitor inventory, and control recipe costs.

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Order Manager Display

The QwickServe® Order Manager Display streamlines the ordering process by placing orders received from the QwickServe® Ordering Terminal in a queue, providing recipe preparation instructions and preparation time needed.

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Kitchen Printer

The QwickServe® Kitchen Printer provides the kitchen staff with a printed copy of the order.

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QwickServe® Growth Subscription

QwickServe® Growth solution allows you the ability to completely automate the process from ordering to preparation. QwickServe® Growth subscription you can work on any Android™ tablet device so that fits within your budget.


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