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Foodservice automation solution by Petrosoft

Technology is changing how retail and downstream petroleum business is done. Convenience and foodservice retailers can rely on smarter ordering, preparation, and operations provided by QwickServe, the foodservice automation solution by Petrosoft.


QwickServe® Food Service

Consumer Benefits

Improvements in workflows can change the consumer’s experience with easier ordering, consistent order preparation, and ingredient availability.

Reduce Waiting Time
Custom Menu
Reduce order errors and Maximize Income
Improve Customer Experience and Increase Loyalty

Business Benefits

Improvements in workflows change not only a customer’s perception of a store or restaurant, but also the operator’s profitability. Greater control over ingredient costs, margins, and labor costs, all help to ensure a profitable bottom line. Remote access to these tools also provides the freedom to take care of your store or restaurant, no matter where your business takes you.

Easy to Use Customer Interface
Quick and Secure Payments
Seamless Food Ordering and Preparation Processes
Reduce staff costs and Streamline Operations

QwickServe® Technology and Integration Solutions

Business Benefits

  • Self-Service Application
  • Easy Menu Creation and Management
  • Order Manager and Kitchen Display
  • Mobile Ordering via QwickServe App
  • On-site Payments
  • Online Payments

Menu Set up

Build your menu in minutes with QwickServe template.

Self-Ordering Kiosk

Get Your Lines Moving Quicker with Digital Menu
Digital Menus Build in Minutes with Menu Templates
Build-in Payment Options with QwickServe® Checkout
Increase Order Size by 25%+ by engaging and personalized recommendations
Expand Customer Database with QwickServe Ordering App
Integration with the most popular payment providers for credit card payments: Square and PAX.*

Click here to learn more about Qwickserve self-service ordering kiosk

* To accept payments, you will nedd to purchase hardware from Square or PAX.

QwickServe® Mobile App

— With this app, you will be able to place your order on the go and it will be ready when you get to the store!
Director of Food Service Technology,
Duck Thru Food Stores, Jordan Harrell

Kitchen Display & App

Sends Customer Orders Right to Your Kitchen or Printer Kitchen Ticket
Multiple Orders at View to Better Manage Orders
Order Overview All on One Screen Including Updates on Payment Status
Recipes, Ingredients and Add-onsto Ensure Excellent Customer Service
Process Status Updates (Payment and Preparation)
Print Receipts and Kitchen Tickets**

Click here to learn more about Qwickserve Kitchen Display Unit

** Hardware is not included and should be purchased separately.

– Food sales have increased by 10-15% since we have installed QwickServe

Mandy Campbell, Kristyaks Korner

Discover Key Foodservice Technology Solutions by Petrosoft

Self-Service Order Terminal

The QwickServe® Self-Service Order Terminal is a software and hardware bundle that enables customers to view, select, customize and pay for menu items while also enabling foodservice operators to manage menus and keep track of customer orders, inventory, and recipe costs.

Kitchen Display Unit (KDU)

The QwickServe® Kitchen Display Unit streamlines the ordering process by placing orders received from the QwickServe® Order Terminal in a queue, providing recipe preparation instructions and preparation time.

Kitchen Printer

The QwickServe® Kitchen Printer provides the kitchen staff with a printed copy of the order.

Mobile Application

The QwickServe® Mobile Application provides the customer with ordering and payment solutions.