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SmartPOS Model 425

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SmartPOS Model 425 is a retail point-of-sale (POS) system that includes a central unit with an all-in-one die-cast aluminum body, cashier touchscreen, POS hardware, POS software, and a customer display for transaction summaries and promotions. In addition to the features of SmartPOS 125, the SmartPOS 425 solution offers automated instant lottery ticket management, dual cash drawer support, a high-throughput external receipt printer and a video journaling module.

Pricing only reflects the cost of the terminal hardware and software. Peripherals such as the cash drawer, printer, barcode scanner and PIN pad are offered at an additional charge. Qwickserve embedded ordering is available as a bundle.

Key Features

  • Integration with foodservice ordering solutions
  • Remote management
  • Metrics reporting
  • Secure role-based access controls
  • Embedded foodservice ordering module option
  • Integration with loss prevention modules and advanced business analytics
  • Integration with Petrosoft Enterprise powered by SAP Business One
  • Integration with site integration networks

  • Globalization and localization for multi-language, currency, and tax requirements
  • Cash management policy enforcement
  • Unlimited sales history, items, and promotions
  • Dedicated technical implementation and support staff
  • EMV-ready PIN pad, barcode scanner and cash drawer(s)
  • Instant price book management
  • Instant lottery management
  • Favorite department and item tagging
  • Role-based access and secure user rights management

  • Advanced restaurant operations modules
  • Centralized and secure cloud-connected POS management and backup
  • Electronic journal with event tagging and bookmarking
  • Instant lottery early theft detection
  • Pending transactions management
  • On-terminal and online training
  • Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 support
  • Hardware and software bundled solutions
  • Customer 7″-9″ display

SmartPOS 400 POS Barcode Scanner, Printer, Cash Drawer and PIN Pad Options

Contact your Petrosoft sales representative for scanner, PIN pad and other optional integrated solutions from Petrosoft.

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