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The Arizona Lottery Commission publishes a yearly report that allows those in the c-store industry to better understand the c-store landscape and competition. For example, we can estimate that about 45.6% of c-stores are independent in Arizona, given the below statistics. Their yearly report is full of interesting statistics and we’ve shared a few.

Arizona Lottery Commission Statistics

As taken from the fiscal year (FY) ended June 2021 report:

  • 2,001 c-stores in Arizona sell lottery tickets, 1,088 chain stores and 913 independents
  • 62.8% of all lottery locations are c-stores
  • 65% of lottery ticket revenue is generated at a c-store ($923 million) and 37% at supermarkets
  • The average c-store chain earns $37,550 in commissions per store while independents earn $20,985 per store

Leading C-store Chains Selling Lottery Tickets in Arizona

ChainAcctsSales (FY2021)Per StoreCommissionsPer Store
Circle K611$313,692,293$513,408$20,389,999$33,372
Fry’s Gas96$26,050,757$271,362$1,693,299$17,639
Fast Market24$12,278,955$511,623$798,132$33,256
Quik Mart19$11,928,331$627,807$775,342$40,807
4 Sons21$10,981,308$522,919$713,785$33,990
Safeway Gas32$9,770,888$305,340$635,108$19,847
Jackson’s Food Stores11$6,295,306$572,301$409,195$37,200
Pilot Travel Centers19$5,447,815$286,727$354,108$18,637
Good 2 Go17$5,004,939$294,408$325,321$19,137
Convenience Total1,236 $668,846,079 $43,474,995

You can see more statistics, including leading supermarkets, by viewing the original report. (PDF)


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