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Petrosoft offers a platform as well as software, hardware, and services. The company’s integration options, technology, and services are designed to take advantage of advances in technology, leverage legacy systems, leverage industry partnerships, address the changes in consumer demand, and enable seamless connections within today’s retail ecosystem.

The company’s technology is positioned to deliver a measurable return (ROI) to retailers since it is focused on where sales and profits are realized, within day-to-day operations. Discover the integration options, POS, foodservice, back-office, fuel management, business intelligence, enterprise, and partnership solutions from Petrosoft.

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With tight margins and changing customer demands, retailers and wholesalers cannot rely on intuition alone; they need data-guided insights. Advanced Analytics provides an easy way for retailers to look across their data to optimize product mix and inventory by season, market, or segment in a just a few clicks. They can drill-down and compare by period, market, individual stores, locations, or obtain the bigger picture across their operation to create sustainable and profitable strategies. When conditions change, operators are ready with a data engine that handles vast amounts of information in real-time. Types of analysis include segmentation, cohort, scenario, what-if, time-series, market basket matrixes, trending, and forecasting.

Petrosoft Enterprise Powered by SAP Business One enables retailers and downstream petroleum operators with business processes automation and apps to manage sales, finance, banking, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, and customer relationships under one flexible, responsive system. Retailers obtain real-time information across the enterprise to improve operations and customer satisfaction. The SAP Business One application is being used in over 170 countries, supports global financial reporting standards, multiple currencies, 27 languages, 43 localizations with 130 countries using some form of localization to meet their needs.

Retail operations can stay on top of facility-level operating conditions, budgets, and vendor compliance with the Field Service Management app. Scheduling, dispatch, and mobile management of field technicians help to keep facilities, structures, and assets in working order. The app ensures the best use of the technician’s time and maintenance budgets with service request management, budget tracking, and workflows to automate ticketing, assignments, and alerts for visits and preventive maintenance. As a cloud-based solution, remote users can securely create work orders in under 1 minute and technicians can easily retrieve orders, specific to their assigned location(s), with their internet-connected or mobile device.

The cloud-based fuel management software solution, Fuel-Central, helps fuel dealers, wholesalers, and enterprises manage the day-to-day operations, processes, and accounting of downstream fuel distribution. From the operations level to the enterprise, downstream fuel operators can improve driver and delivery scheduling, fuel inventory tracking, forecasting, tax reporting, pricing, accounting, audits, payments, and contract management. Ultimately this solution is designed to improve businesses processes while increasing the accuracy and speed data entry, scheduling, delivery, billing, collections, and reporting while also decreasing the risk of customers running dry, haul backs, and negative cash flow.

Petrosoft offers complimentary and fee-based services including financing, implementation, customization, customer support, training, data processing, and retail consulting services. Petrosoft offers additional professional services such as data processing, accounting, price book builds, foodservice menu builds, and business analysis.

Loss Prevention Analytics (LPA) provides retailers with new dimensions of knowledge by leveraging video footage as well as transaction and other data. The information helps to verify transactions, risk events, and employee claims, discouraging theft. Retail operators can create and manage the events to monitor or select preset events. As a cloud-based solution, drill-down reports and the associated video footage are available from any location. Retailers can filter the information by many dimensions such as date, location, employee, item, event, or type of transaction. Some ways retailers are using LPA include monitoring age verification, safe drops, and compliance with other operational policies as well as POS exception reporting.

Qwickserve enables foodservice retailers to deliver an optimal customer experience at every stage of the ordering process. It also provides a foodservice back-office app to track sales, costs, and margins. The self-service touch-screen kiosk with order customization, mobile app, kitchen display unit, kitchen printer, label printer, and back-office app all help to reduce errors with workflows and inter-application exchanges, creating seamless communication between devices, back-office systems, and enterprise solutions. As with other apps and solutions offered by Petrosoft, the ability to install, maintain, and support Qwickserve remotely along with its localization, training, and integration options add value to foodservice operations.

With Petrosoft, retailers can manage their branded and unbranded loyalty programs to increase consumer sales, average ticket size, and return visits. Our solutions integrate with and support industry-leading processing and custom loyalty hosts. Program managers can configure points to include or exclude items while also assigning point values to each item. Retailers can also manage third-party data through the company’s back-office solution. Consumers can conveniently collect and redeem points by scanning loyalty cards, ID cards, or QR codes. They can also view loyalty discounts on their receipt as well as points earned and accumulated on the POS transaction screen.

With C-Store Office and Retail360, these cloud-based and mobile back-office solutions, retailers can manage and control cash, inventory, prices, promotions, purchases, payments, and labor efficiency from any internet-connected device. It automatically tracks key metrics such as fuel and item-level merchandise sales, margins, inventory turns/velocity, scan rates, shrink, and spoilage. With over 300 drill-down operational, key metrics, analysis, and forecasting reports, retailers can continually improve their operations. Real-time information, automated workflows, compliance tracking, forecasting, and integration with POS, foodservice, fuel management, financial, and enterprise systems all help to provide timely information and ensure profitability.

Petrosoft Cloud is a platform for the retail and the downstream petroleum industries. It enables integration and inter-application communication across the retail ecosystem. With an open system architecture, built on the industry’s leading standards, such as Conexxus, IFSF, and ARTS/OMG, it also helps to make the most of legacy and modern systems. With Petrosoft Cloud, retailers can, efficiently and cost-effectively, add additional functionally without having to redesign entire systems. By making the most of communication within internal and with external systems, that drive today’s retail ecosystem, retailers have the flexibility to adjust and scale as business or industry requirements change.

Petrosoft offers its unique line of SmartPOS solutions which provides retailers with an easy-to-use touch-screen interface, customer transaction screen, peripherals, and workflows designed to increase compliance, communication, accuracy, and promotional opportunities. End-to-end integration with forecourt controllers, back-office apps, foodservice apps along with an instant price book, electronic video journal, item search, shortcuts, autocomplete, automatic notifications, user role management, and restricted item sales management are some key features. The ability to install, maintain, and support SmartPOS remotely along with its localization, training, and integration options make this a convenient solution for retailers.

The site integration network and terminals provide the fast, reliable, and secure way for retailers and downstream petroleum operators to automatically connect and transfer their store and forecourt data to their back-office, fuel management, analytics, and enterprise systems. Retailers can use the site integration network to update prices and to make real-time personalized offers to customers. It also enables communication with others, such as suppliers and manufacturers, to fuel today’s retail ecosystem. Some key features and benefits include reduced risk and vulnerabilities, fast deployment, plug-and-play functionality, low maintenance, remote support, easy replacement, encryption, and failover capabilities


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