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Checklist for Physical Inventory Count Process

Looking for a Quick Checklist to Conduct Your Inventory?

Take the guesswork out of steps you need to know before, during, and after conducting inventory. Master these quick steps in a snap with a handy inventory checklist!


Retail Curbside Pickup: The Ultimate Guide to Success

Curbside pickup provides your customers with the ultimate convenience, but it has its pros and cons. Offering this service will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, but as with any new service, there are factors you must consider before you make your decision.


Building a Profitable Retail Ecosystem for Your Fuel and Convenience Store

Don’t get left behind! Invest in the right retail technology to optimize your operational efficiencies in your c-store and fuel stations as the first step to creating a profitable environment.

To gain an edge on the market, fuel and c-stores need to build an ecosystem that makes day-to-day management easier, attracts loyal customers, and makes at the pump and in-store operations simple and dare we say it convenient—for customers and associates alike.


A smart approach to inventory management

When it comes to inventory management, technology can help to improve operational efficiency in your convenience or retail store. By leveraging the right technology solutions, you can accurately monitor and manage inventory in real-time, reducing human errors as well as shrink and spoilage. Retail software systems can also guide you in making smarter decisions about inventory levels and product mix by helping you increase your bottom line by avoiding under and overstocks by increasing product turnover. 


Unlocking Inventory’s Potential Part I

Managing Inventory: Physical Inventory and Cycle Counts

The series provides retail operators with ways of unlocking their forecourt and in-store inventory’s potential by returning to fundamentals and exploring advanced inventory management techniques. The information, lists, and tips contained in this series help retailers to avoid the common pitfalls of managing inventory. It also enables operations to see new opportunities which can revitalize an inventory management program. When done correctly, operations can be used as the secret ingredient, creating new value and setting a retailer apart from the competition.


Unlocking Inventory’s Potential Part II

Leveraging Technology for Inventory Management Fundamentals and Advanced Techniques of Inventory Management

In this white paper—part two of a three-part series—we review three types of inventory management technology, explore how managers and owners use technology to their benefit, and provide tips on how to assess potential software solutions you may be considering for your store.



Unlocking Inventory’s Potential Advanced Inventory Management Part III

How Advanced Inventory Management Technologies & Analytics Can Benefit Your Store

Whether you’re managing one store or many, analytics can give you valuable insights on how to improve store profits. With the right tools and technology, you can get the employee, customer, and inventory information you need, whenever you need it, so that making smart decisions for your business is faster and easier than ever.