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After installing Petrosoft’s QwickServe, Duck Thru Food Stores saw an impressive profit increase of 15% over all their locations.

More results:

  • 20 % GROWTH Duck Thru has seen a 20% growth in their foodservice category since adding Petrosoft’s QwickServe solution
  • 30% GROWTH YOY As new locations are added to the fleet, they have seen on average a 27 – 32% year-over-year growth in made-to-order foodservice sales
  • $2 INCREASE IN ORDERS – The average ticket has increased on average by $2 with the help of automated upsell/addon options within the menus
  • FULL-TIME EMPLOYEE – They are now able to have a fulltime resource work on growth and planning new locations vs. working on PLU’s and company wide inconsistencies from the old process.

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Fueling safer, more efficient petroleum retail operations with the Internet of Things

Gas stations are getting smarter—and Petrosoft is helping fuel this transformation. The company is harnessing Internet of Things (IoT) technology and embedded IBM® Informix® databases to give clients ultra-fast, up-to-date insight into all aspects of their fuel and retail operations, helping to boost safety, efficiency and profitability.


Saneholtz-McKarns, Inc.

Saneholtz-McKarns, Inc.

Number of Locations: 16

Goal: Streamline and Automate Store Operations

Key Solution Benefit: User-Friendliness

Saneholtz-McKarns, Inc. of Montpelier, Ohio is a petroleum marketer and convenience store operator serving northwestern Ohio and southern Michigan. The company owns and operates 16 retail locations. Jeff Erb, General Manager, wanted to streamline and automate his store operations, but his past experience with back-office systems made him very cautious about selecting a vendor.


Waseem Petroleum

Number of Locations: 70

Goal: Automate Data Collection

Key Solution Benefit: Flexibility

When Ejaz Rahim, Director of Operations at Waseem Petroleum, began to search for a new technology solution he knew the key to achieving his business goals included a flexible solution. The company’s business is diverse. Waseem Petroleum owns and operates convenience stores, a number of gas stations and it also has a co-branding relationship with 7-Eleven in its North Jersey region.


Handy Mart Stores

Number of Locations: 43

Goal: Optimized inventory cuts costs and raises profits

Key Solution Benefit: Item-level inventory

Handy Mart Stores operates 43 convenience stores in Eastern North Carolina, where they truly are “the local store” for much of the State. A division of large petroleum marketer E. J. Pope and Son, Inc., the company made a strategic move to expand their retail technology infrastructure in 2009 and 2010.


LPT Retail Management Services, LLC

Goal: Flexible and fast deployment

Key Solution Benefit: Web-based system

Headquartered in Temple, Texas, LPT Retail Management Services, LLC offers an alternative retail management service to its clients. The company manages convenience stores, car washes, truck stops, and quick service restaurants (QSR) for financial institutions, oil companies, local & national wholesalers, and receiverships LPT President Kevin Gandy knows the ability to react swiftly is a key advantage for his business.


Speedway Convenience Store

Goal: Cost effective solution

Key Solution Benefit: Web-based system

Jason Hoxie is the operations manager at Speedway Convenience Store in Hogansburg, NY. Hoxie is well aware of the many challenges single store operators face and the difficulty of finding resources that that are realistically priced for a small business like his.