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Unlocking Inventory’s Potential: Fundamental and Advanced Techniques of Inventory Management

From the supplier to the head office, transaction and other data captured at the site-level are critical to the industry’s success. Learn best practices for optimizing store operations and profit from your inventory.

This three-part webinar series, presented by Petrosoft, introduces retail operators to the benefits of conducting physical inventory counts using a back-office system. We will be using real examples from the Market24 c-store chain and C-Store Office. Viewers will also learn advanced methods of optimizing c-store operations with analytics.

Managing Inventory: Physical Inventory Cycle Counts

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

10:00 -10:30 a.m. and 1:00-1:30 p.m. EST

The mismanagement of inventory compromises a c-store operator’s ability to turn a profit. Shrinking, spoilage, cashier POS scanning errors, changes in demand for inventory, and vendor errors all lead to understocks and overstocks. In this 30-minute session, learn about the importance of physical inventory and cycle counts, some best practices, and how to use this data to your advantage. Also, learn the advantages of using a back-office system to reconcile inventory and for continual improvement. Not sure if you can make it? Download the white paper.
Seating is limited.

Register for 10:00 a.m. Register for 1:00 p.m.

Leveraging Technology for Inventory Management

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

10:00-10:30 a.m. and 1:00-1:30 p.m. EST

Do you know how technology can help c-store operators to maximize profits, margins, and operational efficiencies? Do you want more freedom and independence from your stores? Learn how technology can accurately capture and report transaction and other data on-site and remotely. This real-time information helps c-store operators gain visibility to sales, COGS, margins, vendor programs, and risks such as human errors, shrink, and spoilage.

By leveraging your existing POS data with a back-office and other technology such as handheld scanners. Learn how to:

  • Gain insight into key performance metrics (KPIs)
  • Optimize your product mix and pricing
  • Capture differences in prices and quantity overstocks and understocks

Register for 10:00 a.m. Register for 1:00 p.m.

How Advanced Inventory Management Technologies & Analytics Can Benefit Your Store

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

10:00-10:30 a.m. and 1:00-1:30 p.m. EST

Analytics is not just a buzzword, but a game changer for the c-store to compete in today’s retail and downstream petroleum industries. The store-level data c-store operators are already collecting and the systems already in use can be leveraged to make smarter and faster business decisions.

In this webinar, learn how convenience store and chain operators increase the effectiveness of:

  • Risk management programs such as shrink
  • Inventory management
  • Staff training and scheduling
  • Vendor delivery scheduling
  • Consumer engagement programs

Join us to learn how to become a best-in-class c-store operation, improving overall site-level performance and operations.

About Petrosoft

Petrosoft’s founder is a retail operator and engineer who initially developed a cloud-based back-office software solution in 2002. Today, the company provides a platform, integration options, software, hardware, and services. These solutions are designed to take advantage of advances in technology, address changes in consumer demand, and enable seamless connections within today’s retail ecosystem.

The company’s technology is positioned to deliver a measurable return (ROI) to retailers since it is focused on where sales and profits are realized, within day-to-day operations. The company continually strives to create innovative solutions, enabling retail operators to manage their on-site and back-office operations more efficiently. Retailers can use these solutions to decrease risk, leverage legacy data and systems, and to optimize inventory, productivity, sales, profits, and margins.

From its headquarters in Pittsburgh, the company supports its POS, foodservice, fuel management, and back-office product lines as well as its integration with industry-leading technology partners. The company offers a full menu of services along with flexible training options such as on-site, classroom, online, and on-demand sessions.