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Never Process Another Invoice Again

Petrosoft offers EDI integration and invoice data processing services. Eliminate hours of paperwork, track costs and inventory at item-level to increase operational efficiencies.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Services

EDI is a great time-saver and CStoreOffice® invoice processing software allows you to accept electronic invoices from EDI enabled suppliers. To take advantage of this feature, your vendor sends its invoice to us, we process it and then post the invoice to your pending invoices file in your CStoreOffice® account. All invoice data, including item-level data, is available for you to review so you can correct errors and update your price book right from the invoice. It is a fast and efficient way to process your invoices and, as more and more suppliers adopt EDI standards, your time savings are only going to increase.

Hand-Held Device Compatibility

CStoreOffice® can provide you a seamless connection to several hand-held scanners, including the CipherLAB 9700. The interface will allow your employees to count existing inventory and scan new inventory into the store records. With the push of a button, employees can transmit the data to CStoreOffice®. Your inventory will be accurate and new purchase data will quickly transfer into your system. CStoreOffice® works with a number of professional level devices that are used by national inventory companies and are the standard for efficiency and accuracy. Compatible devices include industry-leading products such as the Symbol MC 3090 and 9090 wireless scanners and DC5 inventory scanners.

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Petrosoft Full Service Invoice Data Processing

Petrosoft also offers full service invoice data processing for vendors who produce paper invoices. Processing paper invoices is labor-intensive, but with CStoreOffice® invoice processing services, retailers can eliminate paper invoice processing entirely.

  • Reduce Paperwork By 75%
  • Increase Item-Level Accuracy
  • Reduce Labor Costs

Here is how it works:

CStoreOffice® Full Service Solution: Invoice Processing Workflow


Scan your paper invoices on a standard desktop printer/scanner


Upload the scanned files to your CStoreOffice® data archive


Petrosoft data entry technicians will key in the item-level invoice data for you and send the completed invoice into your pending invoices file

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