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Retail360 Mobile App

Petrosoft’s Retail360 Mobile is a comprehensive inventory and sales management app that powers Scan Data and compliments C-StoreOffice, our SaaS back-office solution. It helps you stay out of your back office so you can spend time where your revenue is made, on the sales floor.

Our out-of-the-box integrations mean your Scan Data and inventory can be managed in real-time. Retail360 instantly syncs promotions, inventory and sales data with your POS, handheld or mobile devices 24/7, ensuring data is fresh to make important promotions and inventory decisions from anywhere. Keep your tobacco promotions and pricing optimized, minimize shrinkage and spoilage while also avoiding over-purchases or stockouts.

Here’s what you can do 24/7 with the Retail360 mobile app to track and manage on-site inventory levels in real-time:

  • Adjust pricebook pricing by location, item or group
  • Record cycle and full inventory counts
  • Track inventory movement
  • Write-off inventory
  • Generate shelf tags
  • Check-in inventory
  • Create credit memos
  • Accept invoices
  • Accept Scan Data promotions and price changes
  • Analyze and compare sales 
  • Manage invoice payments and write-offs
  • And much more

Using Petrosoft’s Retail360 Mobile app, you’ll spend less time in your back office and more time with your customers. Subscriptions to Scan Data or C-Store Office are required for some features. Request more information.

Retail360® Mobile can be run on the following devices:

  • Android and iOS smartphones
  • Handheld device purchased from Petrosoft
  • Third-party Android handheld devices

Retail360® Mobile comes with out-of-the-box integrations with the following POS systems:

  • Gilbarco Passport
  • Verifone Sapphire/Commander
  • SmartPOS
  • NCR Radiant
  • Bulloch
  • COMDATA Smartdesq

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