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A smart approach to inventory management

When it comes to inventory management, technology can help to improve operational efficiency in your convenience or retail store. By leveraging the right technology solutions, you can accurately monitor and manage inventory in real-time, reducing human errors as well as shrink and spoilage. Retail software systems can also guide you in making smarter decisions about inventory levels and product mix by helping you increase your bottom line by avoiding under and overstocks by increasing product turnover.

In this white paper we review three types of inventory management technologies, explore how managers and owners use technology to their benefit and provide tips on how to assess potential software solutions you may be considering for your store. 

More than 50% of inventory losses can be prevented!

The National Retail Federation reports that 33.2% of all losses are caused by internal theft and 18.8% – by administrative errors* 

Read this white paper to discover information such as:

  • Types of inventory management technology
  • Forecasting future needs
  • Inventory tracking and issue monitoring
  • Optimizing your product offering
  • What to ask when evaluating inventory management technology

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