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POS Solutions for Merchandise, Fuel & Foodservice Retailers

Petrosoft provides its line of POS solutions under the brand name SmartPOS. Retailers can rely on this sales assistant technology to reduce risk, increase sales, and keep inventory under control. All SmartPOS systems come as bundled hardware and software “plug-and-play” solutions with end-to-end technology integration options. In addition to the POS hardware and software terminal, retailers receive a 2-D scanner, receipt printer, PIN pad, and cash drawer(s).

With high employee turnover rates, wages on the rise, and increased consumer demand for fresh and convenient food, providing a consistent and streamlined customer experience has never been more challenging. Factor in theft and errors into this mix and maintaining a healthy bottom line may seem impossible.

SmartPOS offers an easy-to-use POS system with analytics, foodservice, back-office, loyalty, and forecourt integration options. Integration with industry partners helps to ensure consistent pricing, optimal inventory levels, and customer satisfaction. With loss prevention analytics integration, retailers gain new dimensions of knowledge, providing managers with insights into when and how sales are occurring, enabling detection, correction, prevention, and verifiable proof.

The SmartPOS solution provides flexible training options and safeguards. Managers can ensure that cashiers have the information they need to effectively complete transactions while complying with restricted sales, cash handling, and payment policies. Some features include: safe drop enforcement, price checks, age restricted sales validation, department sales time restrictions, and an electronic journal to track risk events such as no sales, refunds, voids, and cancels. The solution also provides search, shortcuts and pending order management for an uninterrupted workflow.

“[SmartPOS] gives you a lot of flexibility and the ability to get in and get information easily. It’s easy to train your cashiers and the support you get from Petrosoft is wonderful.”
Jamie Patterson, President Patterson Food Services Inc. (dba Smokes)

SmartPOS Increases

  • Retailer confidence
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Transaction compliance
  • Transaction speed
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Data integrity
  • Cashier confidence
  • Cash handling compliance
  • Operations control and effectiveness
  • Transaction accuracy
  • Training effectiveness
  • Integration flexibility

SmartPOS 129

SmartPOS 129 is a convenient and fast point-of-sale system.
As a true “out-of-the-box solution,” it comes pre-loaded, so
minimal setup is required.

SmartPOS Apexa Prime

Ideal for convenience stores and gas stations, SmartPOS Apexa Prime is Petrosoft’s top-of-the-line point-of-sale (POS) system.

SmartPOS Apexa G

Retail point-of-sale system with all-in-one die-cast aluminum body, cashier touchscreen and customer display for transaction summaries and promotions.

SmartPOS Tablet Edition

This new tablet edition of SmartPOS by Petrosoft meets the c-store operator’s need for flexibility to meet customer demand during peak traffic periods, whether they occur daily or seasonally.