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Key Qwickserve Features and Benefits

Fast and accurate ordering process, meeting the consumer’s expectation of a flawless foodservice experience, encouraging repeat visits
Customization of menu items (build your own), personalizing the ordering experience and increasing sales
Ingredient images, pricing, and nutritional information, increasing the ability to make informed ordering decisions
Fast and flexible payment options, increasing sales and reducing theft
Order interface customization, creating a unified and consistent branded experience
Real-time sales, shift, inventory, and GPM reports, optimizing foodservice operations
Smart order routing to the KDUs, increasing order preparation efficiency
Integration with industry-leading POS, loyalty, and back-office solutions, creating seamless communications and accurate recipe costing

Convenience Store Technology

People of all ages are turning to prepared foods, citing time saving convenience and the availability of fresh, high-quality ingredients as primary factors driving purchases. For 2014, prepared food accounted for over 65.7% of convenience store foodservice sales and also earned the highest margins.*

At a time of 24/7 connectivity with consumers assuming unprecedented control over every purchasing decision, it’s never been more important to deliver a flawless foodservice experience. Qwickserve is designed to make the lives of customers and c-store operators easier to manage and control. Qwickserve enables c-store customers to order foodservice items from an in-store touchscreen kiosk or from their personal digital device and provides a seamless ordering process, sending a paid customer’s order straight to foodservice staff.

Fast Food and Qwickserve Technology

Tableservice (full-service) and limited-service restaurants can leverage technology to attract new customers and maintain existing customers through end-to-end restaurant solutions that optimize both front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house operations.

Technology can increase sales with easy access to menus, self-service ordering, build-your-own/order customization, and promotions technology. It can also streamline ordering with point-of-sale (POS) and kitchen display integration which can automatically queue orders and provide recipe time and food preparation instructions. This can greatly cut down on labor costs, paperwork, and errors. Foodservice retailers can also look to technology to deliver easy ways to interact with a menu, enabling tableservice and limited service restaurants to attract new customers and sales. Such features as table, tab, tip, and delivery management can help make restaurant operations much more effective.

Customized Foodservice Experience for Both Retailers & Customers

Qwickserve delivers a customized retail experience at every consumer touchpoint. Foodservice retailers upload their company’s branding quickly and easily and apply it across the platform. Whether customers order at an on-site made-to-order kiosk or from their personal device, a store or restaurant will be branded throughout the entire foodservice process.

For the retailer, Qwickserve is about control and is 100% compatible with C-Store Office and SmartPOS, keeping critical data accurate and up-to-date with ingredient method of accounting (recipe costing) and through optimized inventory management.

For the customer, Qwickserve is all also about control. Images, ingredients, pricing and even nutrition information are easily accessible, ensuring an ordering process that is precise and hassle-free.

Discover Key Foodservice Technology Solutions by Petrosoft.

Self-Service Order Terminal

The QwickServe® Self-Service Order Terminal is a software and hardware bundle that enables customers to view, select, customize and pay for menu items while also enabling foodservice operators to manage menus and keep track of customer orders, inventory, and recipe costs.

Kitchen Display Unit (KDU)

The QwickServe® Kitchen Display Unit streamlines the ordering process by placing orders received from the QwickServe® Order Terminal in a queue, providing recipe preparation instructions and preparation time.

Kitchen Printer

The QwickServe® Kitchen Printer provides the kitchen staff with a printed copy of the order.

Mobile Application

The QwickServe® Mobile Application provides the customer with ordering and payment solutions.

C-Store Office

C-Store Office is a cloud-based trusted back-office software solution that provides a virtual work space for recording, processing, tracking and forecasting inventory and sales. It provides the infrastructure, workflow and reporting needed to maximize margins and turns for merchandise and foodservice inventory. C-Store Office helps you stay on track of your ingredients with its convenient recipe costing reports. This solution can save reconciliation and travel time while also decreasing the IT costs. Stay connected to your business from any internet-connected device with C-Store Office and CSO Mobile.

Foodservice Solution – QwickServe® by Petrosoft