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End-to-End Retail Automation for the Retail and Petroleum Industries

Inside Petrosoft

Stay in Control with Reduced Risk

Petrosoft is here to help you reduce risk, protect your data, protect your processes, inventory and help you stay in control of your business with our services.

With Petrosoft’s cloud technology you don’t have to choose what is important, you can do both.

Review a note from our Executive Team about our preparations for business continuity and how we are planning to have no interruptions in service or support from all of our departments.
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Petrosoft’s Solution Helps Business Growth Reach 30% YOY

After installing Petrosoft’s QwickServe, Duck Thru Food Stores saw an impressive profit increase of 15% over all their locations.
20 % GROWTH Duck Thru has seen a 20% growth in their foodservice category since adding Petrosoft’s QwickServe solution
30% GROWTH YOY As new locations are added to the fleet, they have seen on average a 27 – 32% year-over-year growth in made-to-order foodservice sales
$2 INCREASE IN ORDERS – The average ticket has increased on average by $2 with the help of automated upsell/addon options within the menus
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How Fuel and C-Stores Can Stay Ahead by Creating a Profitable Retail Ecosystem

As we head into 2020, retail profits are becoming harder to achieve as competition increases. The best way for fuel and c-stores to become more profitable is through a streamlined, responsive retail technology ecosystem. In our latest e-book, we examine the essential components and fundamentals of a successful retail ecosystem, and the benefits of integrating this system to share data across components.

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Featured products

Back-Office Solutions

Petrosoft offers back-office solutions for the convenience and retail industries. These solutions deliver operational insights by streamlining …
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Loss Prevention Analytics

Quickly Discover Theft and Errors with Loss Prevention Analytics by Petrosoft. As the central hub of retail sales, POS systems are fertile …
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Retailers can rely on this sales assistant technology to reduce risk, increase sales, and keep inventory under control. All SmartPOS systems come as bundled…
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Loss Prevention Analytics

Deliver operational insights by streamlining retail operational workflows, data inputs, and data outputs

Petrosoft Cloud

Amplify and bridge the services delivered within this unified cloud solution

Point-of-Sale (POS) & Integrated Technology

An easy-to-use POS system with analytics, foodservice, back-office, loyalty and forecourt integration options

Foodservice Ordering & Preparation

The Qwickserve Advantage? Foodservice Simplified.

Back-Office Solutions and Integration

Back-office solutions for the convenience and retail industries

Fuel Management

Cloud-based fuel distribution management software that boosts productivity and drives costs out of the channel

Networking Solutions

Secure, real-time access to store data and bidirectional data exchanges to keep information up-to-date

Data Processing and Services

Eliminate hours of paperwork, track costs and inventory at item-level to increase operational efficiencies

C-Store Office cloud-based back-office system

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