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End-to-End Retail Automation for the Retail and Petroleum Industries

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New Feature: SmartPOS Offline Mode

Having instant access to a new POS system that is easy to set up and use is essential to their success. That’s why Petrosoft’s SmartPOS, the point-of-sale system designed for convenience – is now offers offline mode.
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Top 8 Reports for Running a Successful Convenience Store

As owner/operators of 30 stores, we know the most vital component to running a successful convenience store is data. Learn how to make informed business decisions that save time, reduce shrink, maintain regulatory compliance, and increase profit margins.
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NextGen Scan Data Apps Solve for the “First-Mile” of Tobacco Rebate Programs and New Requirements

Tobacco rebate programs are evolving, creating new scan data tech requirements for tobacco retailers, including the underserved single-store operator. Petrosoft introduces its next generation of Scan Data and Scan Data Loyalty powered by API-driven mobile-first apps to meet these requirements.
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Featured products

Back-Office Solutions

Petrosoft offers back-office solutions for the convenience and retail industries. These solutions deliver operational insights by streamlining …
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Loss Prevention Analytics

Quickly Discover Theft and Errors with Loss Prevention Analytics by Petrosoft. As the central hub of retail sales, POS systems are fertile …
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Retailers can rely on this sales assistant technology to reduce risk, increase sales, and keep inventory under control. All SmartPOS systems come as bundled…
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Back-Office Software for Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

Deliver operational insights by streamlining retail operational workflows, data inputs, and data outputs.

Loss Prevention System

Decrease shrink and increase profits with LPA. Identify and prevent theft with our automated loss prevention software.

SmartPOS Point-of-Sale System

Cost-effective and user-friendly POS system, ready to use stand-alone or with the Petrosoft ecosystem.

Self-Service Food Service Management System

Easily connect your customer and kitchen to increase profits up to 30% with the QwickServe food ordering kiosk system.

Networking Solutions

Secure, real-time access to store data and bidirectional data exchanges to keep information up-to-date.

Automated Invoice Processing

Eliminate hours of paperwork, track costs and inventory at item-level to increase operational efficiencies.

C-Store Office cloud-based back-office system