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Field Service Management

Stay in top operating condition and vendor compliance with Petrosoft’s Field Service Management. Keep your facilities, structures, and assets in 100% working order using preventive maintenance and avoid your equipment from breaking. This module focuses on the items that hold the most value, including efficient and effective delivery of support service to ensure the integration of people, systems, processes, and technologies.


Work From Anywhere

Users can log in and use the system from any computer, laptop, or cell phone and have access to the service department. Now users are no longer tied to one device.

Work Orders Made Easy

Creating a work order takes less than 1 minute. Technicians can work on orders online, from any computer or mobile device.

Preventive Maintenance

FMM can send notifications to the Service staff to work on Preventive Maintenance Issues. Changing fuel filters and HVAC filters regularly saves you money by helping the equipment not to break in the first place.

Active Directory Single Sign-On

Using a single sign-on allows the users to select requests for their individual location, not having to filter through lists of equipment for every location.

Role-Based Access

The role-based access gives you precise, field-level control over the type of access assigned to each individual user.

Dashboard Views

The dashboard is a one-stop screen for visibility of the whole company, allowing the user to see events as they happen. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) help you understand what parts of your service department are not working efficiently.


Document Storage

The users can upload and store essential contracts and other documents for easy retrieval whenever needed.

Cost Center Budgeting and Tracking

By using this software, you can group your assets, create budgets, and manage cost centers, thereby increasing your company’s overall efficiency.

Vendor Compliance

By setting your vendor service criteria, you can use the tracking capability to make sure the work is completed within planned budget and scheduled periods.